Are you tired of following fad diets only to gain weight back even faster?
Is calorie counting and portion control too confusing?
Diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes and ready to reboot your health?
Then let’s get started!

ChefJuanAvocadoHi! I’m Chef Juan Pablo Chavez and I promote the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle. I teach a series of classes in a fun, easy and approachable way that showcases the many benefits of a plant based diet through fresh and delightful recipes, tips and strategies for everyone.

Join me in a quick and easy program focused on tasty, delicious whole food that will boost your nutritional intake, keep hunger at bay and even make you loose weight in the process!  I will provide a wealth of knowledge from doctor—in a no nonsense way and without any mumbo jumbo—thanks to my hands-on experience as the Wellness Chef at Whole Foods Market working with folks just like you.  ChefJulieTeaching1I will also give you some tools and techniques so that busy individuals like you can cut to the chase and get back in top form through simple lifestyle changes.

Here’s what one of my many wonderful clients has to say about his experience with me:

I’ve been wonderfully fortunate to have taken many classes with Juan Pablo as chef-teacher-nutritionist. Juan Pablo shines as a beacon of inspiration and expertise in how to make mouth-watering delicious food that is healthy too. And he makes it fun! Juan Pablo is three stars in one: brilliant chef, electrifying teacher, and compassionate attendant to those he teaches and serves.
Brian H., New York City

Ready to get started and reboot your health?  CLICK HERE to learn more about the program, or CLICK HERE to get in touch with the Healthy Lifestyle Chef.


  1. Carolyn says:

    I’m waitlisted for your International Ceviches class at the Bowery Center. Hope I get in. Carolyn Y

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