Fabulous Fiber Part 2

FIBER2Yep, I’m back on my fiber high horse, following up on my last post about the importance of adding fiber to your diet.  Some of you reached out to me asking how to measure and keep track of dietary fiber.  Well, in these app centric days, if you haven’t already, please make the effort to download one of the many apps that help you track your food on a daily basis (I like My Fitness Pal and Tap and Track which are free, but there are a lot of other ones). If anything, do it for the simple curiosity of how much fiber you are consuming on a daily basis and to take charge of you and your family’s health one meal at a time and boost that number out of the water!  My app tells me as a daily goal that I need (a meager) 19 grams of fiber.  The median consumption of fiber in the US is a sad 12 grams.  I am happy to say that I easily triple that number on a regular basis (thank you Sleepover Oats Breakfasts!).  Paleo-biologist studies from 10,000 year old stool samples found in caves in Texas point to fiber consumption back then of close to 100 grams per day!  Now that is what I can call a paleo-diet that makes sense to me (the rest of it is crazy).  Still struggling for delicious ways to add fiber to your diet? Then sign up for one of my many July small-group cooking classes and learn some new fiber tricks–Smoky Black Bean Burgers anyone?

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