3 Sweet Reasons to Boost Your Fruit Intake

StrawberriesNutrients! Fruit is an incredibly healthy source of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (including antioxidants).  Choose a variety of colors for a variety of nutrients on your daily fruit choices.  Vitamin pills are a poor substitute for these and some may even prove harmful!

Fiber! The package in “real” fruit – unlike juices- includes lots of intact fiber.  This helps absorb the fructose (or “sugar”) content in the food on a gradual basis so as not to spike your blood glucose levels.  This means you won’t get hunger pangs in between meals.

Hydrate! Lots of fruit also means a natural way to stay sweetly hydrated throughout the day.  Move over expensive Vitamin Waters, Sugary Sportades or processed juices, fruit is the way to go!

Now that’s sweet!

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