Vegan Cooking Classes

ChefTeachingCrab1The Healthy Lifestyle Chef offers a series of hands-on, small group, plant-based and vegan cooking classes at his Mexican hacienda-style brownstone in New York City’s Upper Manhattan. In warmer weather, demos and classes are held in the private tiled garden with outdoor fireplace! Whether you want to improve your knife skills, interested in cooking a traditional but healthy Mexican mole, or hoping to satisfy a sweet tooth with a healthy dessert, there’s a class for everyone.

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Details: Classes are 2 hours each, maximum 5 people, $60 per person, including food and tasting. Only 20 minutes from midtown on A-express train.

Looking for healthy cooking classes for you and your friends in the comfort of your home? Please let us know and we can set up some time for a great learning experience and investment in your health. Scroll through previous classes below to get some idea on the types of classes we can arrange for small groups.

Recent Classes

CSAHealthy Quick Fire CSA Challenge! You’ve been hearing about CSAs—Community Supported Agriculture—where you buy a share and every week get farm fresh vegetables delivered to you. But worried about what you’d cook with all those veggies? Then join me to pick up a veggie and fruit share with my local CSA. We’ll then cook a great tasting plant-based meal with the bounty—and eat in my beautiful outdoor patio garden! You’ll leave understanding how easy it is to boost your nutrients for better health. Space is limited – maximum 4 people.

_MG_4446Healthy Cooking Primer.  This class combines basic kitchen techniques with hands-on cooking to give you a jump start on living a healthier lifestyle. Learn hands-on the core cooking guidelines to a new, healthier you with techniques that include knife sills and no-oil sautéeing. These basic skills will empower you with flavorful tricks in a world of plant-based eating! On the menu: summer succotash, 3 bean cassoulet and rosemary mushroom tapenade.


VeganCevicheCropped(Mostly) Vegan Latin Ceviches.  Sounds like being a little bit pregnant? Well, in this class we’ll prepare several flavorful citrus-based marinades for a variety of Latin American ceviches using potatoes, mushrooms, avocadoes and even tofu. Then as an option, we’ll make a shrimp ceviche too.

Make your own version of this 5Napkin classic

Make your own version of this 5Napkin classic

Veggie Burger Fest.  Just because you’re vegan or eating a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on the grill! Learn how to make, and grill your very own veggie burgers that will delight you and friends.  You will prepare smoky black bean burgers,  sweet potato and wild rice burgers and lentil Greek style falafel patties.

summersaladSensational Salads.  Learn how to make incredible, healthy no-oil needed salads for a veggie fiesta.  You will make a Kale Guacamole Salad, a Waldorf Kale Salad and a fresh Gazpacho.


Grilling Healthy Paella.  Learn how to make a delicious veggie no-oil paella bursting with summer flavors.  You will also grill an assorted variety of vegetables and make delicious vegan quesadillas on the grill.

MexicanMoleHealthy Traditional Mexican Mole.  Make the traditional chocolate-based Mexican Mole from scratch but in a modern, lighter way using a variety of toasted chiles, herbs, nuts and spices including the sweet Mexican chocolate.  In class you’ll make real fresh corn tortillas to taste the final product. Bonus: take home some of the delicious paste for future use!

_MG_4446Knife skills 1.  Basic techniques. One of our most popular classes! Your life will change in the kitchen after learning some tricks of the trade. In addition to learning to sharpen your knives and proper care, you will prepare vegan mashed potatoes, a carrot and almond spread and an avocado grapefruit ceviche. Students should bring their own knives.

KnifeSkillsJulieKnife skills 2.  By popular demand! Refine your cutting techniques for more precision cuts.  You will prepare pico de gallo salsa, healthy chimichurri sauce, vegetable pasta salad.

_MG_4620No Oil Sauté Basics.  It can be done!  Get rid of harmful (and unhelpful) refined oils in this class where you will learn how to sauté with no oil. You’ll be amazed at the flavor—and the results! You will make a creamy ratatouille, a mushroom and corn succotash and a spicy garlicky edamame.

DessertHealthy Desserts 1.  Who said you can’t satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way?  You will make chocolate truffles and almond truffles with oats.  Create a refreshing raspberry tarragon sorbet in no time, and dress some berries with a refreshing lemon cream sauce. Yum!

Apples JamieHealthy Desserts 2.  Even bigger sweet tooth craving? Jump to our next level of healthy desserts in this class where sweet meets nourishing.  Learn how to make a chocolate almond ganache cream to serve over berries,  a sweet potato and peanut mousse, and bake a pecan and peach cornbread for your perfect brunch.  You will also learn how to make fig and almond treats as well as a bright fresh mango and basil sorbet.

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