The Program

ChefJuliePlan1Are you tired of following fad diets only to gain weight back even faster?  Is calorie counting and portion control too confusing?  Are you ready to take your health back and reboot yourself?   Then let’s get started!

Join me in a quick and easy program focused on tasty, delicious whole foods that will boost your nutritional intake, keep hunger at bay and even make you loose weight in the process! I will provide a wealth of knowledge from doctors—in a no-nonsense way and without any mumbo jumbo—thanks to my hands-on experience as the Wellness Chef at Whole Foods Market working with folks just like you.  I will also give you some tools and techniques so that busy individuals like you can cut to the chase and get back in top form through simple lifestyle changes.

Options are available for both NYC residents as well as those outside the region and across the country.  Coaching and cooking classes may be in English or Spanish upon request, and all provide email support.

Overview of Program Options:
(click appropriate link below for detailed descriptions)

  • The Core Package  4 bi-weekly sessions reviewing your particular needs, setting up goals, and setting up meal plans, cooking tips, in depth nutrition advise and strategies for success for you and your family including when traveling, eating out and entertaining guests. Cost: $500 NYC-area residents; $400 Other regions
  • The Quick Start Session:  One single 90-minute session covering the highlights of the core package with meal plan ideas, quick recipes, cooking tips and nutrition advise. Cost: $120 both NYC-area residents & other regions
  • Cooking Classes:  Hands on “made to order” cooking classes with detailed cooking techniques, tips and ideas to make it easier for you to stock up on great tasting healthier food at home. Cost: starting at $150 NYC-area only + ingredients
  • One Week Full Immersion at Home:  Let Chef Juan Pablo prepare all your meals at your home for 5 days and discuss with you the nutrition principles for the healthy lifestyle. Cost: $2,000 NYC-area residents + ingredients; $3,000 Other regions + ingredients & expenses

For detailed description of program and options:
NYC area residents CLICK HERE
Other regions CLICK HERE

To contact Healthy Lifestyle Chef and get started rebooting your health, CLICK HERE.

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