NYC Area Program Details

If you live in the NYC area, here are the options to get you started! To get your health reboot and contact Healthy Lifestyle Chef, CLICK HERE.

ChefJulieTeaching2The Core Package:  4 sessions; scheduled individually every other week.  $500

  • The initial fifty-minute consultation reviews status quo, setting up goals, particular needs and concerns. Introduces the main concept of the program and its food focus and the overall outline of the program. We discuss the key concept of calorie density and why diets do not work.  You will get an initial two-week meals schedule, and a series of very easy to follow recipes with its shopping list included.
  • The second fifty-minute session discusses the nutritional background for this healthy eating lifestyle, its advantages and the best ways to implement it. There is a detailed discussion on your requirement of proteins, fats and carbs and the benefits of micronutrients. A discussion of the challenges since our first meet and any questions are attended.  You will get another two-week meals schedule with additional recipes.
  • The third two-hour session provides a hands-on cooking class at the comfort of your home with Chef Juan Pablo and provides knife skills, tips and secrets to make flavorful, easy to do meals including healthy desserts. Handouts of the recipes and kitchen tips are also provided.
  • The final 4th one-hour session touches on issues of the benefits of the program regarding Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer and gives strategies about eating out, take out dinners, traveling and entertaining guests or attending parties.  It presents ways to keep the momentum going and sticking to the program for the long term.  It reviews the goals attained over the course of the program and deals with any questions.

The Quick Start:  One single 90-minute session providing the key points and highlights of the core program plus a week’s worth of meal plans and recipes.  $120

Cooking Classes:  Hands on “made to order” 3 hour cooking classes with Chef Juan Pablo featuring an array of healthy meal options to get your culinary confidence on the go.  $150.  Service is available in the NYC area only and is for 2 people with $50 surcharge for each additional person and up to 5 people. Does not include cost of ingredients.

One Week Full Immersion at Home:  Let Chef Juan Pablo prepare all your meals at your home for 5 days and discuss with you the nutrition principles for a healthier lifestyle.  He will show you first hand the best way for a fast reboot and give you the know how of what a nutrient dense lifestyle is all about.  $2,000.  Does not include cost of ingredients.  Limited Availability.

All classes may be in English or Spanish upon request.

To get your health reboot and contact Healthy Lifestyle Chef, CLICK HERE.

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